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The Crucible (Preview)

Form your business idea into a story, then test to see if it really is gold.

Overview and Guide

Read a summary of the Crucible and guide to using it effectively.

Story process box

Create story

The first step in your journey is to convert your idea into a story that you can share. It serves a range of purposes:

  • Provides a clear vision of the future

  • Inspires other people

  • Refines your thinking

  • Keeps you focused

  • Enables you to test your idea

Useful Links

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How to tell a story that engages people

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Test process box

Test story

Once you know how to tell the story of your idea, you can test it on others. 

Encourage honest feedback to discover strengths and weaknesses in your idea.

Make sure you record all comments.

Evaluate process box

Evaluate story

Others have given you feedback on your idea and how you tell the story about it.

List the good, the bad and the indifferent.

What does their feedback tell you? 

Review Adjust process box

Adjust story

From the feedback you've received is there anything you can do to improve your story or your business idea?

Make changes now to refine your story as much as possible.


If those changes are major, go back and test your story again.

Decide process box


At the end of this process, you have to make a conscious decision about your idea as told in your story. 

Don't assume that everything will be fine if you carry on. If your idea hasn't been well received by your story reviewers,  decide if the story is badly told or if the idea is too weak to invest your time and money in.


Quitting here leaves you ample energy to try something else.

Committing now takes you to the next stage of starting to turn your idea into a business

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