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Crucible Guide

The Crucible

This is the stage In the Toolshed framework where you learn how to articulate your business vision as a story, then test your story on others to see if your idea is viable.


Putting your vision through a test of fire will help you to better understand it’s true essence and judge whether it is as golden as you originally thought.


​The goals for this stage are:

  • Clarify your idea, vision and thinking.

  • Test your vision on others.

  • Either continue with your vision as is, refine it, or find another idea.

  • Arrive at a compelling story you can tell others as you design and build your business and, later, pitch for funding.

Develop your story

The most difficult part of writing a story is starting. Not many of us consider ourselves to be competent authors, but this stage is not about quality writing, it’s about thinking through your business vision and describing it in a way that others can understand it. This will be critical if you want the support of others later, especially funding providers.

Using the Crucible

The Crucible stage is broken down into steps, with each step containing:

  • A description of the step and how it works.

  • Learning resources like guides, blog posts, templates, or tools that can help you with this step. Click on the buttons to access these resources as needed.

  • Links to resources elsewhere on the web that can help guide you with this step

We recommend that you follow each step in turn and use the resources that most suit how you like to learn.


The Crucible should give you greater clarity about your business idea, some allies who support your vision, and the confidence to decide your next step. This decision is important. If you decide to proceed, you’ll be committing to investing time and energy in designing your business in the Blueprint framework stage.

We want to make your startup journey enjoyable, successful, and as easy as possible. If you find any aspect of the site confusing or somehow lacking, please let us know on our Contact Form and we’ll improve it.

Finally, if you’re feeling lost, feel free to head to the Community, and get some help from a fellow founder or an expert mentor.

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