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Launch Readiness Guide

Launch Readiness

This is the stage where you build the foundations of your business before you launch. It’s the time when your business vision starts to become a reality.

During Launch Readiness, you’ll implement the building blocks of your design to get ready to trade.


The goal of Launch Readiness is to build the foundations of your business and prepare for launch. Doing this well, will set you up to operate smoothly from day one and provide the platform from which be able to attract your first customers and trade with fewer glitches and problems.

The goals for this process are:

  • Establish your business as an entity.

  • Put your financial arrangements in place.

  • Select the right suppliers.

  • Develop a marketing plan.

  • Put in place methods to track your progress.

  • Develop a launch plan.


Until this point, the work you’ve been doing on your business has been theoretical. This is the stage where you translate your theories into reality.

Unlike other processes in the series that takes you from idea to operation, this phase comprises a series of discrete actions to get you ready for launch day. Some of these actions are essential, such as setting up your financial arrangements and developing a marketing plan. Others, such as buying stock or developing a website are optional and will depend on the type of business that you’re going to operate.

We recommend that you address each of the steps listed on the Launch Ready page, deciding for yourself whether individual steps are relevant to you and how important your feel them to be.

Using this process

This document is not intended to be a step-by-step guide. That information is on the Launch Readiness webpage.

On the webpage, the phase is broken down into several steps, with each step containing:

  • A description of the step and how it works

  • Resources like guides, blog posts, tools, or templates that can help you with this process step. Click on the button to access the resources as needed.

  • Links to resources elsewhere on the web that can help you with this step

We recommend that you review each step in turn and, if it’s relevant to your business, use the resources that most suit how you like to work.

Support for the process

If you get stuck on any part of this process, you have resources at your disposal.

  • Community – Access our community of start-up owners. Share your experiences, ask for help, help others, or just hang out.

  • Resources – Explore resources available on the site, including some not linked to in the process. For example:

    • Framework Overview

    • Blog

    • Templates

    • Web Link Resource Library

    • Podcasts

  • Expert Advice – If you’re really stuck, or need some face-to-face advice, book a 1-1 mentoring session with our founder and expert mentor, Derek Williams


The Launch Readiness process will provide you with the tools you need to prepare your business to commence operation.  When this step is complete, you should be ready to attract, engage and trade with your first customers.

We want to make your start-up journey enjoyable, successful, and as easy as possible. If you find any aspect of the site confusing or lacking, please let us know on our Contact Form and we’ll improve it.

Finally, if you’re feeling lost, head to the Community, and get some help from a fellow start-up owner or a mentor.

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