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Startup Toolshed guides you every step of the way when you:

  • are starting your first business

  • have great professional skills but you need support with business basics

  • are struggling to get your new business humming

You can also join our community to collaborate with fellow founders and mentors!

About Us

Guidance and experience you can trust

Our mission Is simple

We will increase the chances of your startup succeeding,


Currently only 10% of startups succeed. We think we can help fix that.

Inspiration is at our core

We want to share advice grounded in expertise gained through years of experience mentoring startups.

And with a helping hand from a supportive community of people like you, the journey will be a little easier. 

Our vision is clear

If we provide a clear process, basic business tools and a supportive community, you will gain confidence and build your business more effectively.

Our founder

Learning from his own startups, Derek went on to specialize in mentoring startup owners. He is sharing what he learned to help a wider community of founders succeed.

Derek Williams

Inspired by my own startup journey and informed by years of startup mentoring, I am on a mission to provide practical help and facilitate peer support for startup owners. I want to help you to succeed where others may have failed before.

Derek Williams


Our Values

Interactions you will love

People Friendly Design

We want every community member to make the most of what we offer. We will make our resources intuitive and easy to use.


Getting a startup off the ground and operating smoothly is not easy, but that doesn't mean that we can't explain things simply. We will use simple language and clear graphics whereever we can.


Our members deserve the highest level of integrity and we work tirelessly to be professional in all that we do. Member success is at the heart of everything that we do.


We empathize with startup owners and will make engagement with us an enjoyable experience. This applies to our website and our community forum.

Business Startup Process

Our Process

Distilled from first-hand experience and a based on Lean Startup principles, our startup process will guide you from idea to launch and beyond. Our resources link to this process to create a detailed  structure to improve your chances of beating the odds.

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